Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boycott Apple?

#BoycottApple huh? Well, considering the fact that I have never gone to any store to purchase an Apple product in forever, I am doing it right. Any Apple product I have ever come across was from local schools selling them second hand, and that wasn't really for my benefit, but for the schools to help them make some extra cash on old tech.

As I have said before, there isn't much you can do with old Apple devices, other than put them on a shelf and show them off as "collectors items", where as with old PC's, you can do literally anything with them to recycle them back into use.I have an ancient Mac Classic in my room. What can I do with it? Turn it on, and do absolutely nothing with it, since it is nearly impossible to find compatible software for it. I also have an original iMac. I can at least play Diablo, Starcraft, and a couple of other things on it. It has a Ethernet port on it, but why bother? The browser in it is pretty much incompatible with the internet. And there are no updates/patches available for it. Shame there is no compatible Linux Distro worth putting on it. Unless of course anyone here knows of one.

Aside from that, I have no desire to use Apple products, as I am a very happy Android user.

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