Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bad Social Networking Habits

Like so many, I have my pet peeves when it comes to social networking.  Not to pick on it, but let us use Facebook as the topic of discussion.  Why pick on Facebook?  Because this tends to be where most of the infraction occur.
I am not certain if these occurrences are at the fault of the user, or Facebook itself.  Facebook has implemented features that automatically share content the user views, visits, reads, watches, etc.  This can be a bit much at times, and way to personal.

This is what I call "Oversharing".  Oversharing is when a person floods your wall with an obscene amount of content.  This tendency to overshare drowns out the rest of the content you may actually find interesting, or even useful.

The human eye is drawn to images.  The colors and content distract us away from simpler displays of information, such as plain text.  So, when a friend posts dozens of images, one after the other, and another friend posts something that is actually important, it is usually missed.  Reasons for it being missed can be due to the images just simply distracting you, or you are trying to scroll through them as quickly as possible.

There is a "fix" for this, thankfully.  However, I do not see it as a great fix.  On Facebook (and Google+ as well), you can control the amount of posts you see from a user.  This is great to keep the content from the compulsive oversharer in check, but bad if they actually post something that is important.  The algorhythm that Facebook uses for this is FAR from perfect.

Some other pet peeves include the use of Meme's and various imagery as a means to stand in for your own post.  Personally, I find it shallow.  Which, considering a few people, that is pretty accurate.  If you are proud of who you are, don't use lame images to indicate that, SAY IT!  If you are gay and proud, then simply post it.  If you are happily in love with someone, just say it!  If you are ticked off at the world, then tell us why.  There is a time and a place for quirky imagery.  Letting it speak for you is shallow, and unoriginal.

Some other pet peeves I have are not to due with my friends and such, but some things I have seen on Facebook.  Yes, Facebook is a great way to promote something, including yourself.  However, Facebook is a site that children tend to visit.  Some families set up family accounts so everyone can play games, share pictures, and interact with friends and family.  What is disturbing is seeing moronic fools abusing the service to promote material that is NOT family friendly.  Time and a place...

So, what pet peeves of social networking do you have?  Share below, or on my Facebook Page.

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