Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lost in Social Translation

As a social media user since 2005, I have watched trends build, elaborate and then collapse.  However, it seems that social media today is become lost in what it originally was.  It would see that some sites have lost focus of what social media is, while others have not.
Google+ has retained much of what its purpose is, and will always be.  Google+ is a means to tie in everything you do on Google.  Sharing information, your likes, dislikes, opinions and more.  It isn't fooling itself.  However, users are confused as to what it is.  Google+ is growing, and is what the future of social media will be.

Twitter is, in my opinion, the baby doll in social media.  It is considered a "microblogging" site, but it is SO much more.  It is a social network.  It offers the ability to follow people, interact with them, share content, etc.  If that doesn't sound rather social, I don't know what is.  However, it is still growing and expanding.  It hasn't hit its stride in full yet.

The one that I really feel has lost site of the goal is Facebook.  It has grown so fast with so much that it is completely bloated.  There are so many features built into Facebook, most people do not realize they exist!  these features are buried beneath numerous links all cluttered and collapsed on the left side of the page.  Did you know you can upload videos to Facebook?  How about create groups of friends and family to interact completely privately, off of the main wall.  Did you know you can create "feeds" for your favorite content so that it all appears in one small, feed?  Did you know you can have a blog on Facebook using "Notes"?

Facebook is loosing its focus.  It is over crowded with games, and features that no one uses...or cares about.

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