Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPad Mini...Unimpressed

So, Tuesday Apple decided to finally announce the iPad Mini to an audience filled with fanboys and media.  Is it me, or was the room a tad underwhelmed with the announcement of the iPad Mini?  I know I was.  I mean, it has specs that are more on par with the iPad 2, but at 7.9 inches.  And a 1024x768 display?  Really?
Below are to infographics.  The first is from PC Magazine, and the second is from Droid Life.  These graphics display exactly why I am completely underwhelmed here.

 PC Magazine's infographic
Droid Life's infographic

Serious?  The specs on the iPad mini are a slap in the face of any person that has been faithful to the iPad line of tablets.  Personally, the only real benefit of the iPad Mini over the Nexus 7 is a rear facing camera.  The iPad Mini was put up against the wrong tablet in the event Tuesday.  Instead of the Nexus 7, they should have been more direct against Amazon Fire HD.  Why?  Those two devices are more comparable.  Looking over the specs of the Nexus 7 compared to the iPad Mini is just unfair.  The Nexus 7 is far superior.

Oh sure, the iPad Mini does come with the traditional build quality of Apple Products, but customers will ultimately let their checkbooks do the deciding.  In the race of specs alone, the shell of the device will mean very little.  The A5 has NOTHING on the Tegra 3 processor.  The RAM gives the device room to function, considering Android is based on a true multitasking OS, Linux.  Both offer the same battery life, WiFi b/g/n and are a mere 40g in weight different with the Nexus 7 being a tad beefier.  The 9 tenths of an inch is not going to be a major factor here for Android, either.  Samsung has tried to push 7.x" devices for around a year or two now, with little success.  People find the 7 inch display perfectly fine for their needs, regardless if reading books, running apps or playing games.

Speaking of content.  Both devices offer superb app market selections.  Both over a variety of multimedia to meet everyone's needs.  There are a variety of top notch games on both platforms.  When it comes to content specific for tablets, Apple has made it a bit easier to find quality tablet friendly apps.  Google is quickly catching up in that degree, and there are a couple apps in the market that help with that, as well.

Over all, Apple without Steve Jobs is just starting to play the "Me, Too" game.  They stayed away from the 7 inch form factor for the last 2 years, and finally started to feel the sting thanks to the overwhelmingly accepted Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire line.  Now, Apple gets to play catch up...with an inferior product.

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