Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unlock your PSP Today!

Okay, so I have talked about my PSP a LOT lately.  Here is the post you will need to get up to speed to get your PSP set up with customer firmware to do everything I am doing.  I will only link what I have done, just due to experience.

Custom Firmware
http://www.dashhacks.com/psp/custom-firmwares/the-first-psp-cfw-of-2013-is-pro-c2.html - The software you will need.
http://www.dashhacks.com/psp/custom-firmwares/how-to-install-6xx-pro-c2.html- How to install the software after you have it.

Convert ISO's to CSO (Take up less space on MemStick)
http://goo.gl/BdJFQ - A walk through on using UMDGen 4.

Memory Stick Duo alternative (MicroSD to MemStick Duo adapter)
http://goo.gl/4u7vP - A link to an Amazon.com search for the best prices.
http://goo.gl/tRClM - This is the one I got.

Homebrew Emulation

Hacks, Homebrew and More
http://www.dashhacks.com/psp.html - Plenty of stuff to do with your PSP after installing Custom Firmware.

This is amazingly simple to do folks.  You will be glad you did it.  My PSP is a 1001 series.  So, it accepts the CFW without a problem.  Series 200x will have no problems either.  Series 300x models have been designed so CFW doesn't "stick", but that isn't a big deal.  Getting around that just means running Pro-C2 prior to playing games, or using homebrew software.  I would assume the same goes for PSP Go, as well.  Now, my only question for you is...what are you waiting for?

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