Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Google Helpouts Part 1

I am actually kind of impressed with how Google Helpouts is looking.  You can go to the page, and search for anything you need help on.  Watch a video, or join in on a hangout to take part in a course someone is offering to learn what you need to learn.  Some seem to be offering videos for free.  Others are offering them at a small fee.

Introducing Google Helpouts – youtube
The introductory video seems to demonstrate some great concepts for what this platform is going to offer.  However, I have to be left with an overwhelming fear.  An overflow of spammy, material from individuals that are far from being an expert charging exorbitant amounts for their "How-to videos".  Or worse, people who offer poor advice on something, and make off with "easy money".

I have to wonder what Google has in place for protecting the users from being taken advantage of.  So far, there seems to be a sign up for Helpouts, but you have to request some kind of authorization code for a particular category that you wish to offer your "expertise" in.  There doesn't appear to be any type of up front payment from you, the expert, to set up your own "service".

Now, I just signed up under the Computers & Technology category, and am going to wait for my own code to set up my service.  For those that are looking to offer help desk type services, and charge a fee for it, this may be a grand way to make extra money through useful services.  I intend to give more details in a future blog article regarding setting up your own help out.  With that, I hope that it is painless.  Don't worry, it will be a step by step piece.


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